1. This is a competition open to all ages 
2. Remember to share your design @armourtekza #armourtekcreative 
3. The winner will win 10 kits of their design. You can gift this to your friends and family so they can pimp there rides.
4. The winner will be picked on Friday the 31st of May make sure to send your designs to armourtekcreatives@gmail.com by the  30th of May  to make sure we see it.
5. We will pick the most epic design. So get cracking.
6. We reserve the right to reproduce your design for sale and promotional use - you wouldn't be eligible for any proceeds of these sales.
7. This is a competition to encourage creativity in all ages while you might not be able to go outdoors, so please share it with your friends and family. There is no limit to how many times you enter.
8. Get the crayons or digital software out and get creative.